Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford Wedding

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s wedding is a timeless love story that has captivated the hearts of many. This iconic couple’s relationship has stood the test of time, with their wedding being a highlight of their enduring love. Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford, both well-known personalities in the entertainment industry, brought together two worlds when they tied the knot.

Kathie Lee Gifford, a beloved television host and singer, met her future husband Frank Gifford, a former American football player and sportscaster, in a classic Hollywood romance. Their love story began with a chance encounter that blossomed into a deep and lasting connection. Their wedding day was an affair to remember, filled with joy, laughter, and an abundance of love shared between the couple and their loved ones.

As we delve into the details of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s wedding – from the romantic proposal to the extravagant ceremony – we uncover the true essence of their relationship. Their marriage symbolizes not only a union of two individuals but also a merging of passions, dreams, and unwavering commitment to each other. Join us on this journey to celebrate the unforgettable bond between Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford that continues to inspire others around the world today.

The Love Story

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s love story is one that captures the essence of true soulmates finding each other in the midst of their own individual journeys. The iconic couple first crossed paths in 1986 when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. After their initial meeting, it was clear that there was an undeniable spark between Kathie Lee and Frank that would eventually lead to a lifetime of love and companionship.

Despite both being well-known figures in the entertainment industry, Kathie Lee as a television host and Frank as a former football player turned sports commentator, their connection went beyond their public personas. They found solace and comfort in each other’s company, sharing similar values and outlooks on life which solidified their bond even further. It was evident to those around them that Kathie Lee and Frank had found something truly special in each other.

As they continued to spend more time together, Kathie Lee and Frank’s relationship blossomed into a deep and meaningful partnership that stood the test of time. Their shared interests, sense of humor, and unwavering support for one another laid the foundation for a love story that would inspire many others. The way they met may have been by chance, but their connection was undoubtedly fate bringing two souls together in perfect harmony.

The Proposal

Frank Gifford’s proposal to Kathie Lee was a beautiful moment that reflected the deep love and connection between the couple. It was a sunny afternoon in Central Park, where Frank got down on one knee and presented Kathie Lee with a stunning diamond ring.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, Frank poured his heart out to Kathie Lee, expressing his love and devotion to her. Overwhelmed with emotion, Kathie Lee said “yes” without hesitation, sealing their commitment to each other.

The proposal was a true testament to the romance that defined Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s relationship. The couple had faced challenges together, but their bond only grew stronger with time. Frank’s heartfelt words during the proposal resonated deeply with Kathie Lee, reaffirming their love in a truly special way. The significance of that moment was not lost on either of them, as they looked forward to sharing the rest of their lives together.

As news of the engagement spread, friends and family were overjoyed for Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford. Their relationship had always been admired for its authenticity and warmth, making their upcoming union a cause for celebration. The proposal marked the beginning of a new chapter in their love story, one that would culminate in a joyous wedding celebration surrounded by loved ones.

Important DetailsDescription
Location of ProposalCentral Park
Emotional MomentExpressed deep love and devotion
ReactionKathie Lee said “yes” without hesitation

The Wedding Planning

When it came to planning their wedding, Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford spared no detail in ensuring that their special day was nothing short of perfection. From the dress to the venue, every aspect of their wedding was meticulously thought out and executed with love and care. Here is a glimpse into the wedding planning process that led up to the magical day when Kathie Lee and Frank exchanged vows.

The Wedding Dress

One of the most anticipated elements of any wedding is the bride’s dress. For Kathie Lee, she opted for a classic and elegant gown that reflected her timeless style. Designed by a renowned fashion designer, the gown featured intricate lace detailing and a flowing train that exuded grace and sophistication. As she walked down the aisle towards Frank, all eyes were on Kathie Lee and her stunning bridal ensemble.

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The Venue

Choosing the perfect venue for their nuptials was crucial for Kathie Lee and Frank. They wanted a location that embodied romance and charm, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. After much consideration, they decided on a picturesque outdoor setting with lush gardens and breathtaking views as the backdrop for their ceremony. The venue’s natural beauty perfectly complemented the love-filled atmosphere of their special day.

The Décor

In addition to selecting the dress and venue, Kathie Lee and Frank also paid close attention to every detail of the décor at their wedding. From elegant floral arrangements adorning each table to personalized place settings for their guests, no element was overlooked. Soft candlelight flickered across the room, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that set the tone for a night filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

The Big Day

On June 18, 1986, Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford exchanged vows in a beautiful and sentimental ceremony that captured the hearts of many. The couple’s wedding took place at the United Nations Plaza Hotel in New York City, a fittingly elegant venue for such a special occasion. The ceremony was attended by family, friends, and numerous celebrities who had come to witness the union of two beloved figures.

The Setting

The wedding venue was adorned with stunning floral arrangements in soft pastel hues that complemented the romantic ambiance of the event. As Kathie Lee walked down the aisle in an exquisite gown, designed by none other than world-renowned designer Amsale Aberra, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Frank Gifford looked dapper in his classic tuxedo as he awaited his bride at the altar.

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was a heartfelt affair filled with love and emotion. The couple exchanged traditional vows that they had written themselves, adding a personal touch to their union. As they proclaimed their love for each other, it was evident to all present that Kathie Lee and Frank were truly meant to be together. The officiant’s words resonated with warmth and wisdom, making it a moment that would be cherished forever.

The Special Moments

One of the most touching moments of the ceremony was when Kathie Lee and Frank lit a unity candle together, symbolizing their bond and commitment to each other. The couple also shared their first kiss as husband and wife amidst cheers and applause from their loved ones. It was a joyous celebration that marked the beginning of a lifelong journey for Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford as they embarked on this new chapter together.

The Reception

After their heartfelt wedding ceremony, Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s reception was a celebration filled with joy, laughter, delicious food, and plenty of fun. The newlyweds made sure their guests had an unforgettable experience at their wedding celebration. Here are some highlights from the reception:

  • Delicious Food: The menu for the reception was carefully curated to please all the guests’ tastes. From elegant hors d’oeuvres to decadent desserts, every bite was a culinary delight. The couple wanted to ensure that everyone enjoyed a memorable dining experience during their special day.
  • Festive Decor: The reception venue was adorned with stunning floral arrangements, twinkling lights, and elegant decor that reflected Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s timeless love story. Every detail was meticulously planned to create a magical atmosphere for the couple and their guests to enjoy.
  • Entertainment: To keep the party going, Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford hired a live band that played a mix of romantic ballads and upbeat tunes. Guests danced the night away, celebrating the love between the newlyweds and creating lasting memories on the dance floor.

The reception was not just a gathering of family and friends; it was a true celebration of love, unity, and happiness. Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s wedding reception will always be remembered as a joyous occasion filled with love in every moment.

As the evening came to an end, guests bid farewell to the newlyweds with well wishes for a lifetime of happiness together. The reception may have concluded, but the memories created during this special day would last forever in the hearts of all who attended. The love shared between Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford on their wedding day continued to inspire those around them as they embarked on their journey as husband and wife.

The Guests

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s wedding was a star-studded affair, with a guest list that included many notable celebrities from the entertainment industry. The event, held on October 18, 1986, at the cathedral of St. Paul in Manhattan, was attended by close friends and family members of the couple, as well as several famous faces who came to celebrate their union.

Celebrity Attendees

Among the guests present at Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s wedding were prominent personalities such as Regis Philbin and his wife Joy, who had been longtime friends of the couple. Additionally, renowned television host Barbara Walters was in attendance to show her support for Kathie Lee and Frank on their special day. Other notable names included Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, and Kelly Ripa, who all came to witness the love story of the beloved couple.

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Iconic Moments

The presence of these celebrities added an extra touch of glamour and excitement to an already magical day for Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford. As they exchanged vows and rings in front of their loved ones and these well-known faces from the entertainment world, it was clear that their union had captured the hearts of many. The joyous celebration continued into the evening with music, dancing, and heartfelt speeches that highlighted the deep connection between Kathie Lee and Frank.

A Lasting Impact

The wedding of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford remains a memorable event not only for those who attended but also for fans who followed their love story over the years. The presence of so many celebrity guests served as a testament to the couple’s widespread popularity and influence in both Hollywood and beyond. Their enduring love story continues to inspire others to this day, reminding us all of the power of love and commitment in an ever-changing world.

The Legacy

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s love story is one that continues to resonate with fans and admirers alike. Their marriage, which began on October 18, 1986, has stood the test of time and has served as a beacon of enduring love in the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood relationships.

Despite facing ups and downs throughout their years together, Kathie Lee and Frank remained steadfast in their commitment to each other, showcasing a bond that was built on mutual respect, love, and understanding.

One of the key elements that have made Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s marriage so inspiring is their ability to support each other through both the triumphs and trials of life. From navigating the demands of their respective careers to dealing with personal challenges, such as Frank’s health issues later in life, Kathie Lee and Frank stood by each other’s side with unwavering devotion.

Their partnership exemplified true companionship, demonstrating what it means to be there for each other through thick and thin.

Furthermore, Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s legacy extends beyond their own relationship. As public figures, they used their platform to spread messages of faith, love, and perseverance. Their willingness to be open about their own struggles and triumphs in marriage served as a source of inspiration for many couples facing similar obstacles.

By sharing their story with honesty and vulnerability, Kathie Lee and Frank showed that true love is not without its challenges but can ultimately prevail with patience, communication, and a shared commitment to growth. The impact of their enduring love continues to shine brightly as a reminder that lasting relationships are worth fighting for.


Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s wedding was not just a union between two individuals but a celebration of timeless love that continues to inspire many. Their love story, from the moment they met to their wedding day, has captured the hearts of people around the world. The wedding planning, the proposal, the ceremony, and the reception all reflected the deep connection and affection between Kathie Lee and Frank.

As we look back on their special day, it is evident that Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s love was genuine and enduring. The joy shared by them on their wedding day radiated through every moment, making it a truly memorable occasion for all in attendance. Their commitment to each other was not just for that momentous event but for a lifetime, leaving a legacy of love that is still cherished today.

The presence of celebrity guests at Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s wedding only added to the allure of their special day. It was a testament to the impact they had on those around them and how their love story resonated far beyond their personal circle. The memory of their wedding serves as a reminder of how true love can withstand the test of time and continue to inspire others to believe in the enduring power of love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was the Age Difference Between Frank Gifford and Kathie Lee?

Frank Gifford was older than Kathie Lee by 23 years, as he was born in August 1930 and she was born in August 1953. Despite their age difference, their marriage lasted for almost three decades.

When Did Kathie Lee Gifford Lose Her Husband?

Kathie Lee Gifford lost her husband Frank Gifford on August 9, 2015. His passing was a heartbreaking moment for her and her family, as he was not only her husband but also a beloved figure in the sports world.

Who Is Kathie Lee Gifford’s New Love Interest?

Kathie Lee Gifford’s new love interest is Randy Cronk, a businessman who has been seen accompanying her to various events and outings since they were first spotted together in early 2021. Their relationship seems to be going strong and bringing happiness to both of them.

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