How Much Did Christine Quinn’S Wedding Cost

Christine Quinn, the breakout star of the Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” recently tied the knot in a lavish and extravagant wedding ceremony. The cost of her wedding has become a hot topic of interest, sparking curiosity and speculation among fans and the public alike. Known for her opulent lifestyle and glamorous persona, Christine Quinn’s over-the-top nuptials have garnered significant attention, leaving many wondering just how much her fairytale wedding actually cost.

As one of the most talked-about figures in reality TV, Christine Quinn has captivated audiences with her larger-than-life personality and dazzling fashion sense. Her wedding, therefore, has become a highly anticipated event that offers a glimpse into her luxurious lifestyle.

From the venue to the dress to the decor, every detail of this extravagant affair has captured widespread fascination. In this article, we will delve into the ostentatious details of Christine Quinn’s wedding and explore why it has captured the imagination of so many.

Stay tuned as we take an in-depth look at Christine Quinn’s fairytale wedding to uncover every extravagant aspect that contributed to its awe-inspiring splendor. We will examine the breathtaking venue, iconic fashion choices, sumptuous menu, high-profile attendees, and stunning decor that made her special day one to remember. So let’s embark on this glamorous journey through one of Hollywood’s most talked-about celebrations.

The Venue

Christine Quinn, known for her role in the reality TV show “Selling Sunset” and her extravagant lifestyle, had a wedding that was nothing short of spectacular. The venue for her wedding was the iconic Cathedral of Saint Vibiana in Los Angeles. This stunning location is a former cathedral that has been transformed into an event space and is a popular choice for celebrity weddings and other high-profile events.

The significance of choosing this venue lies in its rich history and breathtaking architecture. The Cathedral of Saint Vibiana provides a grand backdrop for any event, with its high ceilings, elegant chandeliers, and ornate details. For Christine Quinn and her now-husband Christian Richard, this venue served as the perfect setting for their fairytale wedding.

The decision to hold the wedding at such a prestigious location speaks volumes about Christine Quinn’s taste and style. It also underscores the level of extravagance associated with the event, as securing a venue of this caliber comes with a substantial price tag.

VenueCathedral of Saint Vibiana
LocationLos Angeles
SignificanceFormer cathedral transformed into an event space; popular choice for celebrity weddings

The Dress

Christine Quinn’s wedding dress was nothing short of extravagant, much like the reality TV star herself. Designed by none other than the renowned fashion designer, Galia Lahav, the dress was a show-stopping piece that captured everyone’s attention. The style of the dress was a fitted mermaid silhouette with intricate lace and embellishments, making Christine look every bit the glamorous bride she envisioned.

As for the cost, reports suggest that Christine Quinn’s wedding dress cost an estimated $50,000. This hefty price tag aligns with her reputation for opulence and grandeur.

Galia Lahav is known for creating luxurious and stunning bridal gowns, so it comes as no surprise that Christine Quinn chose this designer for her special day. The wedding dress perfectly encapsulated Christine’s bold and dramatic personality, complete with a long train and a sheer bodice adorned with exquisite details. The style of the dress complemented the lavishness of the entire event, setting the tone for an over-the-top celebration.

Considering how much attention was focused on every detail of Christine Quinn’s wedding – from the venue to the decor – it’s no wonder that her choice of wedding gown came with a substantial price tag. However, for Christine Quinn, who is no stranger to luxury and excess, her wedding dress served as another opportunity to make a statement and solidify her status as a true style icon.

DesignerGalia Lahav
StyleFitted mermaid silhouette with intricate lace and embellishments
Cost$50,000 (estimated)

The Decor

Christine Quinn, known for her role in the popular Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” has captured the public’s attention with her extravagant wedding. One of the most talked-about aspects of her wedding is the breathtaking decor and lavish floral arrangements that adorned the venue. The opulent displays added to the overall grandeur of the event, leaving many curious about how much Christine Quinn’s wedding decor cost.

  • Floral Arrangements: The wedding venue was adorned with elaborate floral arrangements, including towering centerpieces and cascading flower walls. The floral designs featured a mix of exotic blooms and luxurious greenery, creating a captivating and romantic ambiance.
  • Luxurious Decor: In addition to the stunning floral displays, the venue was adorned with opulent decor elements such as crystal chandeliers, intricate table settings, and elegant drapery. Every detail of the decor exuded luxury and sophistication, contributing to the extravagant atmosphere of the event.
  • Theme and Color Scheme: Christine Quinn’s wedding decor followed a specific theme and color scheme, which was evident in every aspect of the design. The cohesive look showcased an abundance of gold accents, blush tones, and rich jewel hues, reflecting a distinct sense of glamour and extravagance.
A Good Budget for a Wedding

The cost of such elaborate decor and floral arrangements can be substantial due to the use of high-end florals, custom design elements, and labor-intensive installations. Considering Christine Quinn’s penchant for luxury and statement style, it is no surprise that the decor at her wedding came with a hefty price tag.

As we delve deeper into exploring how much Christine Quinn’s wedding cost, it becomes evident that every aspect of her special day was curated to exude elegance and extravagance. From stunning floral displays to luxurious decor elements, every detail contributed to creating a truly unforgettable celebration for Christine and her guests.

The Guest List

Christine Quinn’s wedding was attended by a star-studded guest list that included celebrities, influential figures, and close friends of the couple. The notable presence of these guests added to the glamour and extravagance of the event, making it a memorable occasion for all in attendance.

The guest list included A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry, who all made headlines with their stunning appearances at the wedding. Influential figures from the fashion and entertainment industry were also present, adding to the prestige of the event. It was truly a gathering of some of the most well-known and influential individuals in popular culture.

The presence of such high-profile guests not only added to the allure of Christine Quinn’s wedding but also generated significant attention from the public and media. Their attendance further fueled curiosity about the wedding and contributed to its status as a talked-about event in celebrity circles. The guest list undoubtedly played a crucial role in raising interest in how much Christine Quinn’s wedding ultimately cost.

The Food and Drinks

Delectable Menu

The menu at Christine Quinn’s wedding was designed to impress even the most discerning food connoisseurs. Guests were treated to a multi-course meal that showcased a variety of gourmet dishes, each meticulously prepared to perfection. The selection ranged from exquisitely plated hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour, to sumptuous main courses featuring premium ingredients carefully paired with complementary sides.

Fine Beverages

To complement the decadent menu, an impressive array of fine beverages was available for guests to indulge in. From champagne and wine selections to signature cocktails crafted by expert mixologists, no expense was spared when it came to providing an exceptional drinking experience. The bar offerings were as diverse and luxurious as the meal itself, ensuring that guests could toast to the newlyweds with only the finest libations.

The attention to detail in curating such an impressive culinary experience undoubtedly contributed to the overall allure and extravagance of Christine Quinn’s wedding. It is clear that every aspect of the reception was meticulously planned and executed with no expenses spared – including on the delectable fare and top-shelf drinks that were served throughout the celebration.

The Entertainment

Live Performances

One of the most talked-about aspects of Christine Quinn’s wedding was the live performances that took place during the reception. The star-studded event featured a lineup of renowned artists and performers who entertained the guests throughout the evening. From live bands to solo artists, the entertainment at the wedding was nothing short of extravagant.

British pop star, Ellie Goulding, delivered a show-stopping performance that captivated everyone in attendance. Her breathtaking vocals filled the venue as she sang some of her biggest hits, creating an electric atmosphere that added to the grandeur of the event. Additionally, Grammy award-winning artist, John Legend, serenaded the newlyweds with a special performance that left a lasting impression on all those present.

Special Appearances

In addition to the mesmerizing live performances, Christine Quinn’s wedding also saw several special appearances from notable celebrities and public figures. With a guest list that included A-list Hollywood celebrities and industry moguls, there were many familiar faces in attendance. From reality TV stars to fashion icons, the wedding was a star-studded affair that made headlines for weeks to come.

Amongst those in attendance were high-profile personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Gigi Hadid. Their presence added an extra layer of glamour to an already opulent event. Furthermore, renowned fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Donatella Versace were also spotted at the lavish celebration, further solidifying its status as one of the most talked-about weddings in recent years.

The extravagant entertainment and special appearances at Christine Quinn’s wedding undoubtedly contributed to its jaw-dropping cost and have continued to generate buzz long after the event took place.

The Price Tag

Christine Quinn’s wedding has grabbed the attention of many due to the extravagant and lavish nature of the event, including its hefty price tag. The Selling Sunset star tied the knot with her now-husband Christian Richard in a ceremony that spared no expense. The couple’s nuptials have become a topic of interest for fans and critics alike, as many were eager to know just how much Christine Quinn’s wedding cost.

How Long Before Wedding to Get Dress

The estimated overall cost of Christine Quinn’s wedding is reported to be around $1 million, making it an undoubtedly opulent affair. This budget was largely allocated towards securing one of the most luxurious and sought-after venues in Los Angeles, as well as other extravagant details like the designer dress, decor, food, entertainment, and more. It is evident that no expense was spared in creating an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests.

With such a significant amount spent on their special day, it comes as no surprise that Christine Quinn’s wedding was nothing short of grandiose. The eye-catching details and luxurious elements certainly contributed to making their celebration a memorable event that has left a lasting impression on all who attended or heard about it. How much did Christine Quinn’s wedding cost? It looks like the answer may be more than most could even imagine.

The Aftermath

After the widely publicized and extravagant wedding of Christine Quinn, the public was eager to find out just how much the lavish event had cost. The media frenzy surrounding the details of the wedding expenses sparked curiosity and controversy, with many people expressing shock and awe at the reported cost.

As a prominent figure in popular culture, Christine Quinn’s wedding cost became a topic of interest due to her high-profile status as a real estate broker and reality TV star on “Selling Sunset”.

The disclosure of Christine Quinn’s wedding cost led to both admiration and criticism from the public. Some were in awe of the opulence and grandeur of the event, while others found it to be excessive and unrelatable. The extravagant price tag raised questions about wealth disparity and materialism, sparking debates about conspicuous consumption and societal values.

Amidst the discussions about Christine Quinn’s wedding expenses, there were also controversies surrounding sponsorships, endorsements, and freebies that may have contributed to offsetting some of the costs. This led to debates about transparency in celebrity weddings and how much is disclosed to the public. Overall, the aftermath of Christine Quinn’s wedding exposed a mix of reactions from the public, shedding light on societal attitudes towards wealth, luxury, and extravagance.


In conclusion, Christine Quinn’s wedding was nothing short of a lavish, extravagant affair that captured the attention of the public and media alike. The sheer opulence of the event, from the stunning venue to the designer dress and elaborate decor, has set a new standard for celebrity weddings.

The estimated cost of Christine Quinn’s wedding has sparked discussions and debates about wealth, extravagance, and societal values. It has also left a lasting impact on popular culture, influencing trends in fashion, wedding planning, and entertainment.

The wedding took place at a breathtaking location that added to the grandeur of the event. The designer dress worn by Christine Quinn was a showstopper in itself, with its intricate details and undoubtedly high cost. The decor and floral arrangements at the wedding were beyond extravagant, contributing to an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. The guest list included notable figures from various industries who added to the glamour of the occasion.

The public’s reaction to learning how much did Christine Quinn’s wedding cost was mixed, with some expressing awe at the extravagance while others criticized it as excessive. Regardless of differing opinions, it is undeniable that Christine Quinn’s wedding has made a lasting impression on popular culture.

Its influence can be seen in everything from bridal fashion to event planning trends. Ultimately, this celebrity wedding serves as a fascinating glimpse into the world of extreme wealth and luxury, leaving a mark on society as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Christine’s Wedding Real on Selling Sunset?

Christine’s wedding on Selling Sunset was indeed real. The lavish ceremony, which took place at a cathedral in Los Angeles, was a glamorous event that attracted a lot of attention due to its grandeur and Christine’s stunning black wedding dress.

Who Is the Richest Selling Sunset Cast?

The richest member of the Selling Sunset cast is reportedly Jason Oppenheim. As the co-founder of The Oppenheim Group, he has built a successful real estate business and has amassed significant wealth from his property deals and commissions.

What Happened to Christine Quinn Husband?

Christine Quinn’s husband, Christian Richard, is very much alive and well. There may have been rumors or speculation about his well-being due to the show’s dramatic storyline, but in reality, there have been no reports of any negative incidents involving him.

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